Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service

A carpet cleaning service might look wonderful at first glance due to its great deals, professional looking staffs, as well as attractive cheap prices. However, first and foremost, a carpet cleaning service is considered a big business and is out to serve people in order to make a profit. This means professional looking technicians may really have no strong knowledge and understanding about what they are really doing and cheap prices may lead to poor quality workmanship. Therefore, how would you know if you are hiring the right professional carpet cleaning company? Finding the answers to some direct questions can simply help you in gauging the quality of the services that certain carpet cleaning companies offer.


Here are some very important questions that you should ask from any carpet cleaning service provider before you decide to hire them:

Do you guarantee your carpet cleaning services in writing?

It is imperative that a certain carpet cleaning company guarantees its carpet cleaning services in writing for legal purposes. A written contract will make sure that they will follow their offered guarantees. Of course, you would never want them cutting the corners especially when they are performing their carpet cleaning services in your office or home.

Do you provide written estimates?

Most carpet cleaning companies will actually be willing to give you a free estimate or quote on a particular carpet cleaning job. Certainly, it is best that you know exactly the amount of money that you will be spending prior to starting the job in order to avoid any hidden or unforeseen costs during or after the carpet cleaning service.

Do you have a truck mounted system?

A reputable and legitimate carpet cleaning company will consider using a truck mounted cleaning system to give their customers more effective and efficient cleaning service. These units usually consist of an attached hose as well as a large tank. The hose is utilized to suck water, debris and dirt from the carpet in order for it to be transported to the tank. Any other tools and equipment that a professional carpet cleaning company’s truck mounted cleaning system may not be really effective than a usual vacuum cleaner.

Are your staffs qualified, licensed and certified by the IICRC?

IICRC certification is generally the degree equivalent in carpet cleaning industry. If a certain individual is certified by IICRC, he or she have been tested and has received a lot of extensive hands on training. If a carpet cleaning company does not require their people to be certified by IICRC, you can consider looking for others.

 Do you provide references from previous customers? 

A reputable and professional carpet cleaning company should be able to give you references from their customers in the past. Prior to hiring a carpet cleaning service, try to ask if they can be able to provide contact numbers or emails, or any form of contact for current or past clients who are more than willing to openly speak about their experiences, including satisfaction with the services offered by the certain company.



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